Parametric Equalizer WS-420

The WS-420 Equalizer is a state of the art equalizer designed to provide amazing control and flexibility of your marine audio system. The WS-420 gives you independent control of your tower speakers as well as independent control of your in boat speakers. The Wet Sounds talk back microphone allows the boat driver to communicate with the rider or other boats in the area. By pushing the button on the microphone, the system will automatically mute the music playing from the tower speakers and allow you to use your tower speakers as a PA system. Once the button is released, the tower speakers will begin to play again at the level they were at. Additionally, the WS-420 includes Wet Sounds exclusive Boat Linkā„¢. Boat Link gives you the ability to link up with other WS-420 equipped boats for the ultimate party cove experience.

The WS 420 is 2 separate equalizers in one half din chassis using our exclusive knob/ring system which allows you to independently control the volume and EQ adjustments of both in boat and tower speakers. There is also a separate knob/ring for the subwoofer gain control and frequency adjustment. The WS420 also includes a talk back microphone for rider communication. The level of the talk back microphone is independent from your music level allowing you to adjust the volume for the PA function. (The knob/ring for the microphone is fixed to operate as one control) The microphone feature only plays thru the tower speakers. When the microphone is keyed up, the music is muted for announcements. After the key is released, the music will resume at previous level.



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