Kicker KM6500.2

The KICKER® KM6500.2 HLCD Tower Component System offers boaters and wakesports riders the ultimate musical experience as the world’s first horn-loaded, compression-driver component system. The KM6500.2 consists of two 6.5-inch, high-efficiency midrange speakers with lightweight, dual neo-magnet technology and cast-aluminum baskets with heat-sinking properties, delivering maximum sound quality. Included is a pair of 2-inch, horn-loaded compression drivers with titanium diaphragms and phase plugs coupled to 60-degree-vertical-by-90-degree-horizontal, advanced tractrix horns to help push music out to the skier, wakeboarder or wakesurfer. Integrated crossovers complete the package. KICKER KM6500.2 tower speakers are engineered with the highest design standards. They are built to fit standard 6.5-inch speaker cans, making it easy for practically any boater with an existing tower can to replace with little effort. What sets the KM6500.2 apart from the crowd are the tractrix horns, which also fits the same existing tower can with the same hole diameter and bolt pattern as the KM6500.2 midrange speakers. UV treatments on the midranges’ injection-molded cones, Santoprene® surrounds, baskets, and grilles help them to last in freshwater or saltwater environments. These speakers endure most any weather conditions with UV-resistant treatments and splash- and spray-resisting, sealed midrange motors and cones. Water-resistant, bolt-thru grilles offer added speaker protection, and all hardware is made from rustproof, 316L stainless steel. KICKER Marine Components meet or exceed industry standards for environmental humidity and corrosion* and for material degradation due to UV exposure.** Add another pair of KICKER KM6500 Midrange Speakers to your tower system, providing another weapon for those seeking the superior musical quality and extreme performance of a six-driver system. KICKER is a member of the American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC), a leader in education for the marine industry, and the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), which supports the U.S. recreational boating industry.


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